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Nickname : redha.reghioua
Type de structure : SSII [?] Société de Services et d'Ingénierie Informatique
Date inscription : 19/02/2015
Derničre fois en ligne : 23/02/2015
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Domaines de compétence



Year(s) of experience


Design tools

UML (1.4, 2.1)

9 years



Windows (XP, 7, 2003, 2008, 2012, 8, 8.1)

12 years



3 years


Development tools


8 years



6 years


Java (J2EE, J2ME)

3 years



3 years


Silverlight (2, 3, 4)

3 years


AJAX, JQuery

3 years


Web services (JSON, SOAP, REST)

4 years


EF / NHibernate

3 years


Ria Service

2 years



3 years


Data bases


12 years




6 years




4 years




2 years


MDA tools

MS T4 Template

2 years



Acceleo (2.6, 3.0) (Open source)

2 years




1 year



IBM Rational Rose

1 year


Project management tools

TFS ( 2008, 2010, 2012)

5 years



Scrum (certified Scrum Master)

4 years




4 years


Expérience professionnelle




*     Advises the Board

*     Advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission

*     Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations

Visionary / Information Bearer

*     Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information

*     Looks to the future for change opportunities

*     Interfaces between Board and employees

*     Interfaces between organization and community

Decision Maker

*     Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board

*     Decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff


*     Overseas operations of organization

*     Implements plans

*     Manages human resources of organization

*     Manages financial and physical resources










Nov. 2009-Dec 2014

Proxym-IT– (Tunisia):


Mission: Unit business manager

Sales skills :

*     Building strong relationships with customers in order to maintain revenue growth

*     Manage the business focused on financial and strategic growth of the company

*     Explore and analyze market trends and monitor technological intelligence

*     Coordinate with the marketing team to develop and implement operational plans for new product launches (Business plan startups)

Management skills :

*     Design process management and monitoring of projects in the company (ISO 9001)

*     Oversee the implementation of projects, advising and assisting project managers in defining the technical and human resources to conduct projects

*     Monitor and evaluate project activities and ensure their completions on time and on budget

*     Supervise the various stakeholders on projects

*     Ensure the quality of items produced

*     Monitor the policy and process of personal satisfaction to minimize turnover in the company

Decision making skills 

*     Participate in decision-making bodies such as the steering committees

*     Provide a range of management BU (recruitment, penalties, bonuses, ...)


*     Intranet proxym-it : Portal SharePoint 2013 (

*     Intranet SSP France : Portal SharePoint 2010 (

*     Intranet Medef : Portal SharePoint 2010 (

*     Portal EADS : Corporate social network (

*     Outlook Connector  of OBM Linagora : (





Scrum master – Healthcare ERP


Mission: Scrum master

Technical skills:

*     Foundation of a team of 10 technology engineers. NET 4.0 (hiring, Juniors audience)

*     Creation of an application pre-sales with Silverlight 4.0 - WCF - SOA as a prototype for Living HIT 2010 -Expo Hospital

*     Technical assistance to a development team (10 members)

*     Writing technical specifications (Sprint Backlog) based on functional specifications client

*     Senior Developer and Architect in Silverlight application (optimization, generic solutions, patterns  ...)

*     Coordination between designers, developers and Product Owner


*     Silverlight 4.0, Entity Framework 4.0, WCF, RIA Services, MS SQL 2008 R2, VS 2010 SP1, TFS 2010 SP1

Duration: 3 years


Project management tools: Scrum, TFS 2010/2012, Project Server

Mar. 2008- Oct. 2009

Alterlynk - Korail-IS (Tunisia)



Korail I.S is a software engineering firm supporting its clients on the development of their information systems (advice, expertise, development package)

Reference: Korail-is:



Mission: Senior Developer & Architect ASP.NET 3.5


So that companies keep a range of salaries near the market, they are asked to make comparisons with their market area, this requires advanced statistical methods and calculated complexes, near the historical and demand market in real time.
In this context, I participated realized an application that allows you to have a background investigation on the remuneration system

Responsibilities :

*     UML and relational database & Data Warehouses

*     Supervision and assistance of a team of 5 developers

*     Implementation of the Web application architect

*     Creation of a complete BI system (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS)



*     MDA, SOA, ASP.NET, C#, CSS, MSSQL, BI, OLAP, Data Warehouses

Duration: 6 months

Development of a project of a brokerage firm "wholesaler" specializing in social protection.






Mission: Senior Developer & Technical leader


Expert Group Insurance and especially in Social Protection CIPRÉS life develops, and markets packaged products, tailored to the specific needs of Professional Structures and their leaders (TNS, SME). This requires a dedicated extranet brokers


*     Foundation of a Web architect ASP.NET 3.5

*     Development Management Module PDF contracts

Reference: CIPRES


*     ASP.NET (.NET 3.5), MDA, SOA, MSSQL, Windows 2003 Server

Duration: 6 months





Development of a business application in the field of direct marketing.

Mission: Senior Developer & Technical Project Manager



The only company specializing in 100% on the eve of direct marketing in France. BLO has all the tools necessary to ensure CRM. Each has its own methodology and its own target standby direct marketing


*     UML and relational database design

*     Technical leader and assistance of a team of 4 developers

*     Foundation of a 3-tier architect in WinForm 3.0

*     Achieving system depersonalization emails

*     Implementation of action / reaction module

Reference: BLO


*     C# 3.0(VS2008), MySQL, Windows 2003 Server

Duration: 3 months


 Project management tools: Scrum, SVN, SourceSafe, MS Project


Procast (Unis Arabes Emirates - Dubai)

Jan. 2007- Mar. 2008





Procast is the leading provider of innovative broadcasting solutions in the Middle East
Attending the event and shopping for new broadcast hardware were experts from leading networks like LBC, NBC, Future TV, Orbit, ART, MBC, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, Emirates Media, Channel I of Egypt and TV stations from Qatar, Oman, Libya, Bahrain and several other countries

Missions: Project Manager - Software Developer


*     Design and website development, business intelligence and B2B applications

*     Installing and configuring software for TV channels (Ventuz)

*     Master SMS Gateway software (NowSMS)

*     Master software IVR (Envox)

*     Implementation of web services (SOAP, WSDL)

*     Management backups servers (replication) and Remote Access

*     Routing SMS to more than 20 TV channels (MBC, NesmaTV, Ajman, ..)

Reference: Procast:


*     C#, ASP.NET 2005, Windows 2003 Server, MAC OS X, VPN

Duration: 1 year

Project management tools: GForge




High Performance Technology (Tunisia)

Jan. 2003- Jan. 2007




High Performance Technology is a software development company (Publisher ERP) in the field of management of enterprises in the local and African market, is a subsidiary of Tunisia Soft. Solution sold over 250 copies (SMB customers)

Technical leader





*     Designs, codes, tests and debugs application programs

*     Create functional and technical specifications

*     Develops code derived from a design document using appropriate development standards

*     Performs unit testing of the code and performs integration level testing with other features and products within the system

*     Write design documents

*     Provide 3rd level technical support to the customers


*     .NET 2003/2005, Oracle9i, SQL server, Crystal report

Duration: 1 year



Participate in the development and implementation of a large part of the ERP (CRM, GHR, accounting, international transport, point of sale, supply, ...)


*     VB 6, Oracle9i, SQL server, Crystal report

Duration: 3 years


Project management tools: Source Safe, SVN






Nov. 2001 - Dec. 2002




Mission: Assistant at the University of Science and Technology – Algeria -Algiers

Reference :

Duration: 1 year









School of Computer Science

(Ex INI)



Specialization: Information system

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